Frequently Asked Questions

**Groupon** can be redeemed during normal retail hours with no appointment necessary. 12-5pmTuesday-Friday & Saturday 11-3pm excluding Utah state and US Holidays.

Do you do tastings?

Under NEW Utah laws tastings are now allowed in the state. Stop in today!

Are there tours available at the distillery?

We currently offer tastings. We also have a retail space where you can buy Five Wives Vodka and Underground Herbal Spirit. We also offer branded items as well as other interesting books, mixers, etc. There is no tour of the production area.

What are store hours?

We are currently open 11 - 7 pm, Monday- Friday, Sat 11am- 5pm, Closed Sunday. We are closed state and federal holidays.

Are your products gluten-free?

Five Wives Vodka products and Underground Herbal Spirit are distilled from 100% corn and are gluten-free. Porter’s Whiskey Liqueur products are blended with a Canadian Whiskey and may or may not contain gluten.

What are your products priced at?

We try to keep the price around $20 in most markets. The different tax requirement in different states will cause some variation in pricing.

Are you available overseas or Canada?

Not at the present time, only in the US.

What states can your products be shipped to?

We have an online shipper that can ship to 26 states. They can be found here along with pricing for shipping. or click the “Buy Now" links throughout the website.

Do you sponsor events?

We sponsor many events. We have to be careful to ensure that no Utah laws are broken. Each situation if different. Sponsorship inquiries should be sent to We tend not to sponsor things if people will not have the opportunity to try or purchase our products. For instance, if your event only will be serving beer & wine, we will probably shy away from participation.

Do you sponsor bands?

We evaluate on a case by case basis. It is rare, but we have been known to support up-and-coming bands. Much of it depends on where you are playing, the audience you are drawing etc.

How do I get my favorite bar to carry Five Wives or Underground?

You have to ask. We are currently available in 15 states, and 26 by mail-order. There are many, many people who have yet to hear that great spirits come out of Utah of all places! Please help spread the word by asking for us repeatedly in your favorite places.

What states are you available in?

This is ever-evolving and vary by product and state. You can find all of our products in Michigan. Ask for it wherever you are! You can try to buy in your state at as well.

Our spirits can also be purchased through to qualified states.